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PC & Mac Repair

Computer moving slower than you normal? Too many pop-ups?  The dreaded BSOD?  Locked out of your computer due to lost password? We’re here to help!  No matter the issue, we will be glad to get you back on the right track. 

Data Recovery & Backup

We’ve all been there:  A long day of work, about to hit the Save button and accidentally hit Delete………. All of your vacation pics and videos just suddenly *pooF*, gone……….. We will be happy to recover your lost files and even back them up for you to make sure that your precious work and memories don’t disappear again!

Software Installation

You just bought that new piece of software for your computer and you are not sure what to do or even where to begin.  That’s where Moore Techworkz, LLC steps in! We will make sure that it is compatible for your needs and if not, we will even make recommendations about how to get what fits your needs!

Custom Build Computers

Are your still running that trusty computer with Windows 7 and you are ready to upgrade, but you would rather build than buy?  Do you have an old gaming rig and you are ready to build your dream machine?  Let us help you! We will sit down with you and design a machine that will fit whatever you need it to do.  We will discuss prices, software to be installed, hardware requirements, the WORKS!!!
Moore Techworkz, L.L.C.

Software Development

You’ve searched far and wide and can’t find the software that you need for your business.  So, why not let Moore Techworkz, LLC create it for you! We will make sure that it is compatible for your needs and if not, we will keep making the changes that you need to get that custom fit.  Plus, we will maintain it for you as well!